Why Organizing Your Closet By Category Is Crucial For Your Speaking Success

After you have determined colors that are most flattering to you and bring out your best features, the next step is to dive in there and get your closet in order. In my first blog, I wrote about my 5 step system to “Attack That Closet!” Categorizing your closet is step #2. (Here’s Step #1 if you missed it).

At this point, many of my private clients make the mistake of wanting to start with purging. Yes, purging is an important step in de­cluttering your closet and creating your perfect wardrobe. We want to clear what doesn’t serve you to make way for the new!

Know this: in order to purge effectively, you must create some order first. This way, it’s easier – and faster – to take stock of what you have and toss what’s no longer working for you.

Organize your closet by categories first; then, by colors like a rainbow from light to dark.

Use the same size hangers throughout your closet to create uniformity and a polished look. TIP:You can find great, inexpensive hangers at TJ Maxx or Homegoods.

Here are the simple steps to categorizing your closet:

First, separate all of your tops and organize them in the following order: short sleeve blouses, long sleeve blouses, knit tops and nice “t­shirts”. Be sure to separate your athletic wear from your professional wear.

Next, your bottoms, from short to long:

  • Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Capris
  • Pants
  • Jeans

Important note here: Don’t be afraid to separate two­piece outfits! Some of my clients “shop by mannequin.” By that, I mean they buy matching two­piece outfits (or whatever the mannequin is wearing) and keep them together in the closet.

But do you really get dressed that way? Probably not! Plus, by separating them, I want to open your mind to the possibilities of new outfits that include those items!

Here is an example: you are slated to speak that day, so you may think, “I really want to wear my blue jacket…that one looks great on me and on stage!” Then, you work your outfit around the jacket that you love. You’ll select a skirt or pants that compliment the jacket and then pick your top, shoes, accessories, etc.

If the attire for your networking event is business casual and it’s a bit chilly outside, you might say, “It’s cold out today and I want to be warm and comfortable. I definitely want to wear pants and I think I’m going to wear boots.” So, you choose a great pair of pants and you know exactly which boots to wear to compliment them. Then, you may check out your sweaters to see what fits your mood there. Or, you may pick out a different top or layering piece. Get the idea?

That’s why it’s important to break apart the two pieces and keep your closet organized by categories. Once you categorize, you can see the versatility of your closet, one item at a time. In addition, it helps with narrowing down to what colors will coordinate with the blue jacket.

After the bottoms are done, then use the following categories:

  • Jackets
  • Outerwear
  • Workout clothes
  • Dresses
  • Formal/Evening Wear

For your shoes, the same principles apply. Arrange by type and color. Separate your athletic shoes from your casual flats and professional heels. Use clear boxes or take a picture of your shoes to place outside of the shoebox so you can tell what’s inside with a quick glance. Over­-the­-door clear pocket organizers work well if you are tight on space.

Organizing your closet by categories is actually fairly simple when you apply my tips above. You now have everything you need to get started on conquering the chaos in your closet! Let me leave you with one last tip….

Block off some time in your calendar, right now, to categorize your closet.

Commit to the process by scheduling it, even if you complete just one section at a time. By having items in your closet that are easy to access and organized in a manner that you can actually see them, it will make getting dressed for any occasion a breeze!

Conquering the chaos in your closet will create the confidence you need to sell more from the stage and attract your ideal clients.  Your stress levels will decrease and you can focus on your important message of how you serve the world. It all starts in the closet, your closet!!