You have a vital message that needs to be spoken. A lesson to teach. A story to share.

You have a deep desire to be heard, to connect with those who are ready to hear your message, and to serve others in a huge way.

So why should it really matter what you are wearing?

Because that is just the way it works, It’s true, whether you like it or not.

FACT: Within 7 seconds of meeting you, people have formulated 11 different opinions about you.

And you can bet how you are dressed plays a big role in what they think of you and your abilities.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to wear something expensive, flashy, revealing, uncomfortable, or just not “you” to make a great first impression.

But it does mean you have to think about your outer appearance in a new way.

Which brings me to this important question…

How different would people accept what you have to say if you show up fully in your power, confidence exuding from the inside out, and completely honoring who you truly are?

What if you could attract more clients, more money, and more opportunities just by “looking the part” – and in a way that has your message and your presence completely aligned?

Now, I’m not saying a Chanel jacket or a pair of Jimmy Choo’s is necessary and will give you all of that.

But by making some tweaks, it might just be the catalyst that propels you to leap higher, go further, stand taller, speak louder, connect deeper, and be bolder!

And isn’t that really what you are here to do?

The best part is you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

I’m Marcella Scherer and I am truly passionate about helping speakers and coaches transform from the outside IN.

I work with them to upscale their image so they can be seen as an authority and expert in their industry, sell fearlessly from the stage, stand in their power with confidence and grace, and show up authentically so their message is heard.

Basically, I help women transform how they see themselves and, therefore, how others see them – their beauty, their wisdom, their strength, their heart, and their truest self.

Transformation * Alignment * Confidence * Ease

Here’s what I know…

You should show up for who you are now and not how you think others expect you to be.

You are what you wear.

Transformation can happen from the outside in. Or the inside out.

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you attract what you desire most – ideal clients, bigger stages, more money, and more influence.

You deserve to be seen.

I see you.

I see who you truly are.

I see your beauty, even if you can’t.

I see the confident and powerful person you truly are. I get you.

This isn’t just about what you wear.

It’s about how you present yourself – and your message – to the world.

It’s about aligning your inner self with your outer self.

It’s about looking and feeling the part so you can attract what you really desire!

Bold messages need bold messengers.

And bold messengers are confident in how they show up in this world.

Are you ready to show the world your authentic self?

Book your free Authentic Style Strategy Session today.


Head Shot Alexis Navy JacketMarcella Scherer (pronounced SHARE- ER) is an expert in her industry with over 30 years’ experience transforming the lives of others from head to toe and inside and out.

As a certified image consultant, she empowers women to unveil their true and authentic self, giving them the confidence to command the attention they deserve from any stage or to travel in style with ease, wherever life may take them.

Marcella has styled countless clients include professional speakers, authors, leaders, national celebrities and TV personalities to feel confident commanding the stage, boardroom or TV interview with their presence.

Alongside her image consulting business, Mrs. Scherer built and trained a team of over 5000 reps and touched 1000’s of clients during her 26 years with BeautiControl, a mobile spa, anti-aging skincare and cosmetic company. She understands women’s needs for taking “me time”, feeling beautiful at all ages and wanting to look and feel their best in a simplistic way.

Marcella works her magic with client’s one on one, in small groups and workshops to help women customize their look using color analysis, makeup & skincare, body profiling, personal shopping and wardrobing services.

Mrs. Scherer is a sought after speaker and bestselling author. Her work has been featured on NBC News, Channel 12, ESPN, Kiplinger’s Report and Palm Beach Post.

Marcella is passionate about being in nature, skiing, yoga, dancing, and healthy delicious eating. She lives to travel and explore new places all over the world with Mark, her husband of more than 24 years.